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For me, working with clay is a fascinating, all-absorbing process. I am constantly amazed how the visceral nature of clay can influence the outcome of my work, how even the way a clay feels in my hands can change the way a piece develops as it is made.

My ceramic practice involves continuous exploration and experimentation. As I work, I move between the roles of artist, maker, and alchemist, exploring form and texture, and experimenting with ceramic materials and glaze.

My work uses  the inner and outer surfaces of the vessel to explore truth hidden beneath the surface. As the heat-work of the kiln turns clay to stone, oxides embedded in the clay are drawn to the surface and move through the glaze to create pattern and texture.

Inspired by the forms and textures of the natural world. I am drawn to objects and landscapes that have been sculpted by the transformational nature of time and the forces of nature.

The work Evokes memories of time-worn objects, eroded by the elements. The fractured surfaces allow glimpses of the true nature of the piece enclosed within. Secrets once hidden deep inside that are now revealed.


I was born in Sussex in England and raised in a village in Cambridgeshire, surrounded by nature that fascinated me from an early age.

While studying Art at university, I discovered video art which in turn lead to a twenty year career working in VFX as a Digital Compositing Artist creating CGI for over 30 film and television programmes

I began working with clay as a way to escape the stresses of my working life.  My interest grew to an obsession and in 2017 I decided to leave my career and return to college to study ceramics and devote myself full time to making.

I love to travel to beautiful places to experience the culture and wonder at the beauty of the natural world. Travelling around the world enriches my artistic practice. The ceramic art of Japan, the Japanese aesthetic of harmony between art, nature and life, the philosophy of wabi-sabi are a great influence to my work.

curriculum vitae.

1990 -1993 BA (Hons) Fine Art, Nottingham Trent University.


1997-2017 Digital Compositing Artist, Framestore, London.

2017- 2019 Ceramics Diploma, Citylit, London.

2019 -  Fellow of the Digswell Arts Trust.


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